The Mexican Sport Horse Association (CCDM) was founded in 1995. It is officially recognized by the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture (SAGARPA), it is also a member of a Mexican Confederation of United Stock Organization (CNOG) and the National Council of Genetic Resources (CONARGEN). The genealogy certificates of registration issued by CCDM are international recognized by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH).



Certificates of registration are officially authorized of Mexican bred borses of national and foreign, pure or mixed breeds for all recognized sport disciplines. Registration documents are not only genealogical; they are also certificates of ownership. They include ID by DNA, Unique Equine Life Number (UELN) and microchip.

The use of the ranch prefix in the name of the horse are allowed to identify the breeder.



Revalidations are the official process for imported horses of horses registered in a previous Studbook that wish to formally compete in Mexico in the disciplines of jumping, dressage, eventing, reining, vaulting, carriages, endurance competitions or any other recognized sport. The revalidation documents states the owner of an imported horse in the Mexico. Includes follow ups of owner transfers, competition results in Young horses´circuit and Mare and Stallion progeny information when requested. The use of the competition name followed by the original registration name in the nominations list, allows for the international identification of the horse at all times.



  • Free jumping events for Young horses bred in Mexico

  • National Young Horses jumping circuits for 5, 6 and 7 years old.

  • Special awards for Mexican horses and breeders.

  • Mare evaluations at registered breeding farms.

  • Stallion approval events.

  • Networking events for breeders, riders, and owners.

  • Promotion events to increase awareness of sports activities and breeding.

  • Stallion semen list by ranch and bloodlines.

  • Courses and seminars in sport horse breeding and handling.