• Registration documents recognized nationally and internationally.

  • Proof of identity with unique and good breeding seal (Certificate).

  • Being part of the family of (CCDM) Mexican Sports Horse Breeders.

  • Access to Stud and Mare production statistics.

  • Information about Successful Lineage in sports

  • Access to information about the sports results of parents and foals.

  • Exclusive publications about CCDM, such as:

    • The catalogue of approved studs.

    • Studs, mares and foals Guide of approval.

    • Identification method of the Mexican Sports Horse.

    • CCDM Information BOULETIN.

    • Breeder’s Guide.

    • Regulations.


  • Market opportunities through the registered foals participation in CCDM exhibitions and auctions.

  • Participation in competitions FEM y FEI of young horses ages 5, 6 y 7.

  • Establishment of the breeding facilities image in the national and international market.

  • Awards for the Mexican breeders of champion foals.

  • Active participation in the quality improvement of the Mexican sports horses.

  • Tax benefits.

-STEP 1- 

For farms and stud owners: 

Fill out a MEMBERSHIP form with the information of each horse: census, gender, parents data, name of breeder farm, breeder farm owner, name of person in charge of the breeder farm, full address of breeder farm, including (city and state), phone, and fax numbers, e-mail and mailing address where the register and revaluation forms will be sent.

-STEP 2.1- 


To register farm foals, please fill out a MEMBERSHIP FORM per horse:


a) Register Form: fill out the form, or in the case of a previously registered equine in a nationally recognized association; please submit the copy of said register (JCM, SLS, ANCEEMEX; etc.)


b) Breeder’s Letter: submit the original letter with all the horse’s data (pedigree, date of birth, color, gender, and breeder’s name).


c) Service Certification: indicate if the foal was conceived by direct mount, artificial insemination, by fetus transfer, and/or by In vitro fertilization.


d) Certificate of Parents Register: submit a back and front copy of both parents Certificates: pedigree, Horse’s ID and document sheet of breeders data.


e) Submit a set of pictures of front, back and both sides of the horse.











-STEP 2.2- 

For the revalidation of competing horses fill out a REVALIDATION FORM per horse.  Submit a set of pictures of front, back and both sides of the horse, and copies of 1-7 pages of the Studbook foreign red passport (no FEI) from THE REGISTER CERTIFICATE OF GENEALOGICAL ORIGINS.


-STEP 3- 

Make the corresponding payment fee to the CCDM before any event.

-STEP 4-

Request an authorized veterinary visit to the breeder’s farm to fill out the HORSE ID FORM.

The authorized veterinary from CCDM, will take a sample of hair with root for DNA parentage test, in addition he will fill out HORSE ID FORM.

He may also receive the breeder’s letter and the service certificate to proceed to register the foal and insert the microchip.




-STEP 5-

Waiting for the results of the GENOTYPING.

(Identification and verification of parentage)

-STEP 6-



The original CCDM REGISTRY CERTIFICATE and/or REVALIDATION properly stamped and signed. 


If you have any doubts regarding the information received the CCDM will get in touch with the party interested and the register process will be halted until it is corrected, and the necessary information is obtained and broaden. They will be delivered as soon as, the parentage is confirmed by both parents DNA.
















-STEP 7-

Incase of the horse changing owners, it is necessary to endorse the Registry Certificate to the name of the new owner. This must be submitted to the CCDM to be officially stamped and registered under the new owner’s name; otherwise it would continue to show under the previous owner’s name in any official event, and the new owner will not be able to participate.


In addition, it will be necessary to fill out the Transfer Form to be able to sign it up. To request duplicates it will also be necessary to fill out the appropriate document accompanied by the document stating the reason for requesting this document, signed by the registered owner.


It is a requirement for the breeders to submit every year, a list of the sold foals. This must include the names of the new owners so they can be signed up, so that when the Certificates of these foals are made they show the names of the new owners.